Volunteers Welcomed!

We welcome couples who have participated in previous Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekends to volunteer their services during the upcoming weekends.

Kindly contact the respective couples-in-charge.

The Team

Ecclesiastical Assistant
Deacon Lazarus Jonathan

Presenting Priests/Deacon
Fr. Francis Andrew
Fr. Simon Labrooy
Fr. Edmund Voon
Msgr. Ambrose Vaz
Fr. Gerard Theraviam
Fr. Joachim Robert
Fr. Fabian Dicom
Deacon Lazarus Jonathan

Presenting Couples
Alphonsus Rebecca Chua
Nicholas Christine Chee
Peter Ellie Chow
Bart Angie Cheah
Darin Sharon Moreira
Daniel Stella Cheong
Patrick Eunice Cheah

CORE TEAM 2017-2020

Coordinating Couple
Bart Angie Cheah

Weekend Coordinating Couple
Steeven Maureen

Finance Couple
Roger Adeline Gadong

Public Relations Couple
Raymond Jennifer

Supply Couple
Damian Shalin

Registration Couple
Nicholas Christine Chee