The EE weekend allowed us to open up more to share with each other. It made us aware of what marriage life is about.
- Shannon & Daphne

The EE weekend helped us to relate better as a couple and allowed us to address issues which we did not talk about prior to the weekend.
- Clement & Christina

The EE weekend gave us the opportunity not only to discover our ownself but also our partner.
- Stephen & Rosy

The EE weekend gave us time to listen, speak and work things out together without the daily distractions of work and other obligations. The dialogue sessions with the questionnaires helped us talk about important issues.
- Kenneth & Yvette

   Welcome to Catholic Engaged Encounter Penang!

Catholic Engaged Encounter (CEE) is a recognised marriage preparation program designed to meet the communication, spiritual and personal needs of today's engaged couples.

CEE is an intensive weekend where each couple is invited to question, examine, and deepen their relationship with each other and with God. Couples are challenged to explore their relationship in a much deeper, more honest way than they have been before.


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Next EE Weekend
139th EE Weekend
Date: 10-12th May 2024
Venue: Face to Face (Stella Maris) ,

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140th EE Weekend
Date: 9-11th August 2024
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136th EE Weekend
Date: 18-20 August 2023
Venue: Online
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